I've always loved writing. Personally, I think it's derived from my early passion for reading, which (unfortunately) I've lost as years went by. But it doesn't matter what it is I write - articles, reviews, essays - I always get into it, even though most of the times it's a homework assignment. I just write whatever pops into my mind and then try to polish it as I go along, much as I am doing right now.

But sometimes, it may not be as easy to focus on writings. Especially when it comes to what to write. Since most of my writing topics are homeworks, it isn't that much hard to figure out what I am aiming for. I always know what I want to achieve: an understanding, coherent message that gets me a good mark. But this is not that case. This is the first note I will submit to this website. Hopefully, the best of many. As time goes by I hope to see this as a way of expressing my opinion on random things, whatever I can think about.

Despite this, when trying to choose on what to write about, I just couldn't decide. I had so many ideas on my head. Some Pokémon GO news I read earlier; rants about a stupid subject I am currently taking. Describe how I love playing videogames but it's been months since I played a really good one. I actually started typing about the Pokémon GO news, but then I changed my mind. It occurred to me that it wasn't good enough. That it was boring, and it would be a failure as a piece of work.

And so, it just dawned on me that I could choose to write whatever I desire to. I could just type whatever gibberish I could think of, and it wouldn't matter. 

That's how it came to this: me rambling on about my inability to express my ideas, and just going on and on about writing. I guess I'm using this experience to get more used to this site, to writing here, to feel comfortable enough as to finally be able to just drift away in whichever subject I shall set my mind to. Whether it be in Spanish (my mother tongue) or English, I know I will always find something to dwell on.

So, after all this, I'll just be on my way, now knowing that I have found a useful way to reflect my thoughts, and to push myself and my writing abilities even forward. After all, I do want to be a journalist, so writing will most likely be my life, so to speak. Why not practice a bit then?

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